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The healthcare sector in Asia Pacific is rapidly growing. As part of the world’s leading Italian biopharmaceutical company, Menarini AP has a strong presence in 13 key markets across the region.

As a partner of choice for numerous global healthcare companies, we engage in the entire pharmaceutical development lifecycle to tap growth opportunities and grow their brand footprint. In doing so, we also support healthcare professionals and patients with quality medical products and technology to raise standards and invigorate lives for tomorrow.

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2021 - 08 - 22

Menarini Enters into an Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Daiichi Sankyo to Commercialise TARLIGE® in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines

Singapore, 23 August, 2021 - A. Menarini Asia-Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd., part of the leading Italian global biopharmaceutical company Menarini Group, signed a multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to assume the registration, sales, marketing, and distribution of the orally administered gabapentinoid, mirogabalin (brand name; TARLIGE®), in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

TARLIGE® was developed and is currently marketed in Japan by Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (“Daiichi Sankyo”) and is indicated for the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain (PNP), including diabetic PNP and post-herpetic neuralgia. The drug binds to and modulates the α2δ-1 subunit of the voltage-gated calcium channels widely found in the nervous system in areas that mediate pain transmission and processing.

Neuropathic pain, which refers to pain caused by a lesion or disease of the somatosensory nervous system, has been shown to be prevalent in the general population by as much as 7 to 8 percent[1]. Patients with neuropathic pain are more susceptible to high pain intensity with more comorbidities, such as depression panic/anxiety disorder, and sleep disorders[2].

 “The Menarini Group already has an on-going global partnership with Daiichi Sankyo and the partnership on TARLIGE® is another important milestone for us. This is a strategic move to complement our established portfolio of pain products that cover acute to chronic and cancer pain. Menarini Asia-Pacific is committed to helping alleviate pain and delivering treatment solutions to address the unmet needs of patients in this region,” said Maurizio Luongo, CEO of Menarini Asia-Pacific.



About Menarini Asia-Pacific

Menarini Asia-Pacific is a member of the Menarini Group, the world’s largest Italian biopharmaceutical company with a heritage of over 130 years and over 17,000 employees in more than 140 countries. Here in Asia-Pacific, Menarini’s vision is to be a leading provider of important healthcare brands to improve the lives of people in the region. Menarini Asia-Pacific operates across the entire commercial value chain, from clinical development, regulatory approval, and product launch to lifecycle management with a diverse portfolio of proprietary and partnered brands in key therapeutic fields, including Consumer Health, Dermatology, Allergy/Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Cardio-metabolic, Anti-infectives, Oncology/Specialty Care and Men’s Health. For the Financial Year 2020, the Menarini Group clocked sales revenues of US 4.6 billion dollars, of which the Asia Pacific region has grown to become a dynamic engine of growth for the Group with more than 10% revenue contribution. 

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[1] Didier Bouhassira, Michel Lantéri-Minet, Nadine Attal, Bernard Laurent, Chantal Touboul (2008) Prevalence of chronic pain with neuropathic characteristics in the general population, PAIN, 136:3, 380-387, DOI: j.pain.2007.08.013

[2] Rainer Freynhagen, Ralf Baron, Ulrich Gockel & Thomas R. Tölle (2006) painDETECT: a new screening questionnaire to identify neuropathic components in patients with back pain, Current Medical Research and Opinion, 22:10, 1911-1920, DOI: 10.1185/030079906X132488

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